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Why YogiDance?

When practiced regularly our classes have many benefits:

  • Improved problem behaviors and emotional distress

  • Increased flexibility and prevent injuries

  • Kids are more likely to continue habits that are developed early

  • Our classes promote resiliency and self-regulation

  • Builds strong, healthy lungs which aren't fully developed until age 8

  • Classes encourage physical fitness and provide safe exercise

  • Keeps their bones healthy and strong

  • Helps them maintain good posture

  • ​Teaches awareness to be present and listen to how they are feeling


YogiDance Can Be Held

  1. A teacher comes to your location and can do classes inside or outside

  2. As a virtual, interactive class with a live teacher via Zoom 

Each class allows up to 25 participating students

Classes are 15 minutes for age 2 

and 30 minutes for ages 3 to 12

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