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Modern Dance Teacher

Become a YogiDance Teacher

Take Our Online Training & Get Paid to Teach!

Our concise online training will give you the foundation you need to feel confident teaching YogiDance to kids. Unlike other kids yoga trainings, upon completion of teacher training you have the opportunity to teach our classes, since we need teachers all over the country. And, with the reasonable price of our teacher training, it's affordable for any budget! If you are interested, please contact us to see if we're holding classes in your area.

Daily YogiDance practice is best for children to retain more benefits so we highly recommend it!

In this course you'll:

  • Have access to tips, tricks and strategies that will help you be successful teaching YogiDance to kids

  • Discover innovative and new YogiDance activities to do in classes

  • Observe a YogiDance class taught by our founder Jessica, (job shadowing from the comfort of your own home!) to see how they run - just like job shadowing from your home

  • be able to teach YogiDance classes with confidence and ease

  • Learn a super-fun Hula Hooping Adventure as a bonus class

  • Receive a certificate of completion

Enroll today and start an exciting new career!
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